About Us

IDEA Group

Headquartered in Hong Kong, IDEA For World is the leading company under IDEA Group. IDEA Group is a multinational business group formed by a group of Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) and their International business partners. With the diverse business backgrounds of its founders and their business partners, IDEA Group is having a variety of projects internationally. IDEA Group mainly focuses on the establishment, development and management of projects worldwide. We are experienced in a variety of projects including Mining, Agriculture & Fishery, Technology, Manufacturing, Trading and Infrastructure. We collaborate and partner with strong international business groups in a variety of projects. The partnering projects include long-term leases and government agreements for developing and managing over 2,400 square kilometers of both agricultural land and commercial land, 16,764 square kilometers of mining area, more than 1,100,000 square kilometers of ocean area, rivers and lakes in Madagascar, Uganda, Tanzania, and other Africa countries.

Apart from establishment and management, we also invested in over 400 projects worldwide. They include Properties, Banking & Finance, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, transportation, Information and technology, Hotel and tourism, Supplement industry, etc. Meanwhile, IDEA Group is starting several new projects around the world, with the UK being the first station. They include IDEA Parking, IDEA Real Estate and upcoming IDEA Bank. We would open the opportunity for everyone to join in the projects.